90% of People Fail in Generating Accurate SEO Content, Want to Know Why?

90% of People Fail in Generating Accurate SEO Content, Want to Know Why?

Digital agency services usually do SEO or search engine optimization as they do all the work related to SEO and succeed in ranking their webpage on the top. Not to mention, search engine optimization services in India are leading in the search engine optimization game.

But, there are also those people who are professional content writers and own their blog pages and want to make a living out of them.

These people undertake all the responsibility of their web page, which also includes their SEO generation. Therefore, with the help of their writing skills, they manually make their contents reach the top.

The problem that arises here is that most people fail to generate accurate SEO-worthy content and are devoid of getting them placed in the search engines.

Moreover, the mistakes they tend to make are not rocket science. Instead, they are silly mistakes and can be fixed at one glance.

If you want to recognize all the SEO mistakes, then make sure to stick to the end of the article as we will discuss all the possible errors and an easy solution to make it SEO-worthy content.

Let's quickly dive into the mistakes and understand their great possible solutions.


It's a well-known fact that a keyword is a key to SEO; it is a key that can unlock the wonders of SEO and get you placed in the search engine of Google. But, you may think that you did add your keyword and still failed to rank in the search engine.

Well, you should always be clever and intelligent while inserting your keyword in the content. The reason behind your failed SEO can be that your keywords are placed in such a way that it looks unnatural to Google. Thus it rejects it.

You must not add your keyword wherever you feel; instead, you must instil it so that it seems like a perfect sentence. Google can sense an unnatural penalty right away and reject it; therefore, now you know why you always fail in SEO.

Always plan your potential keywords before writing; make sure you never stuff your keywords all around your content page. There is no wrong in filling your page with keywords, but you should make sure that it doesn't look unnatural; if it does, you will have to write it down all again.

Rewriting is the best option rather than posting it in your blog; this will get you failing miserably. Writing unnatural content will also lose an audience. People also do not want to read such content, which is generated to earn money.

It should never be the case. Remember that you are writing a piece of information that the reader is seeking, so stuffing your keyword around your web page does not help them process the information they are looking for.

Be Smarter right from this day.


Plagiarism is considered an unethical way of publishing content online. If you are assuming what plagiarism does mean, let us understand "Plagiarism" first.

Plagiarism means copying the actual work of others and pasting it in your work area and making it look as if you are the original author of the content. It will never work, not in any century. Google will catch you red-handedly, and in most cases, you will be suspended for doing it.

During a physical examination, you may be successful in copying answers, but online is advanced, and you cannot fool Google in any sense. It can trace and tell that the content isn't unique and is copied from other websites.

Before attempting to do this, know for sure that the site, book, or periodicals you tend to copy are all available online itself, and Google knows well that the content is copied from other sites. Nowadays, and everything is available online, so copying anything is a matter of real risk as there is a 100% chance of getting caught, and you will not be allowed to write content again in your life.

Therefore, never try to copy from other authors and make sure the content is original and unique in all sense. Sometimes, there comes a requirement to take content from other websites as it has more information about your topic. You can take it, but giving credits to the author and then adding the content is way more ethical.

In contrast, make sure your content is not plagiarized and is your content. If you are interested in other authors' content, then make sure you give them the total credits of whatever information you use in your blogs.

Avoid Jargons

It's good that you know high-level words from the dictionary. These high-level words are also known as Jargon. These Jargon are usually complicated to understand for normal humans. It is also challenging for your readers to understand what information you are giving.

Hypothetically, Imagine a reader searching for information on how to reduce hair fall. While the reader finds your title attractive, they may click on your link first, but sooner, the reader may get back and choose any other related content.

Why did this happen? It happens when your title is catchy, but your way of explanation is difficult to resist, to understand, and to get into the brain. Usage of words also matters while writing; do not purposefully instil all the high-level talks you know, instead never use them at all. There is something called simple English, the language which ordinary human beings can understand.

Readers are looking for ease in reading and do not want to indulge in such content fashioned with ultimate Jargons. No one wants to read the content in such a manner.

Nevertheless, by doing so, readers will quickly come back and choose other similar content, which is easy to read. In this way, you will lose your audience to your competitors due to your high-level words, which no readers will understand.

Therefore, always ensure that you are never writing for your good; instead, remember that you are writing for your audience and generating content to understand it better.

So, keep your content as simple as possible. Your readers will appreciate your efforts.


Living in the era of globalization means living in the age of advanced technological era. You must agree that due to the advent of advanced technology, the patience level of people has declined drastically. There is no waiting, only acting.

It means that you must speed up the website loading. If your page loads faster, it is assumed that the readers will stay on your webpage, and in this manner, you will be able to generate massive traffic to your web page.

Most people mistake adding higher resolution pictures, 4k or HD videos, an advanced level font, heavily weighted colour combinations, and many more. All of these result in a slower loading webpage. The slower the webpage, the more readers you tend to lose.

It so happens that the content inside your webpage is as such that the readers may love it, but due to the slow loading of your page, your readers may skip and choose your opponent's web page.

Hence, make sure you use a lower resolution image, a lower resolution video, a lightweight font, and a very light colour combination. With all these elements, you can make the content unique and faster loading and generate massive traffic to your page.


Most of the time, people fail in SEO is due to writing a straightforward and unattractive headline to the content. Writing actual headlines to your web page will lose you a lot of potential audiences.

Always make sure that the title of your content is written so that it grabs hold the attention of the audience and forces them to click on your web page.

Therefore, always make your add your title look very catchy, friendly, and attractive to your potential target audience. A good title is a key to good traffic to your webpage.

Most importantly, make sure that your title and body content match and are to the Point. Make sure your title and your content are the same, and there is no difference in it. If the title of your page and the content does not match in any sense, then your readers may feel cheated. So always stick to your topic.


Now you know all the possible mistakes that you may have made and failed miserably in generating SEO-worthy content on your web page.

Look for these mistakes in your web page and make it proper with a more significant act of reformation. You will see wonders happen to your efforts. Best of luck.

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