Top Essential Things of Logo Designing

Top Essential Things of Logo Designing

Logo design is a serious matter. But sometimes many organizations don’t take the matter seriously. But if they hire a professional logo Design Company in Kolkata they can offer you the top essential things for logo designing.

Following discussion can help you to understand the essential matters of logo designing.

Mark Your Logo

The logo mark is very important. This mark denotes the picture. The logo mark helps you to establish your business name, brand name. It also helps you to select your slogan, tagline etc.


Typography is another serious matter. The typography means your business name. Professional Logo Design Company in Kolkata can suggest a slogan or tagline as your typography matter.

There are two types of typography logos. 1. Text based logo and 2. An abstract logo. You can choose as per your business need.


Your company or business logo needs context. This is a very serious matter. It needs a proper methodology. You need to think about it and apply it properly. You can also discuss the matter with your logo design company in Kolkata. They can offer the best suggestion. A pioneer logo designing company always provide their suggestion to the clients. You need to grab it. They can suggest you use the logo on the business website, social media page, on your letterhead, on printed materials or advertising content. It is very important that your logo should have versatile context and can communicate with your clients.


This is an important part of your logo. So, take it seriously. The Colour combination implies the look of the logo and helps to communicate with your target audience.

The Colour should be catchy and meaningful. It can establish the mature identity of your business. The Colour combination also depends as per your product or service is concerned. Like many financial institutions use the blue colour in their logo design. Blue establishes trust. Financial institutions have to be trustworthy to their target audience.

Symbol or Icon

You can use a symbol or icon on your logo. This is another aspect of logo designing. Sometimes just an icon or symbol can describe everything. Like Nike, Adidas use the symbol and it describes everything. Consumers can relate their idea, passion to the logo. Many companies use a slogan or like Philipps, they use a tagline. It can communicate with its consumers.

Static or Dynamic

You have to know what kind of logo you need. It may be static or dynamic. It will help to decide your logo design to many extents.

These are the essential matters of logo designing. Logo design company in Kolkata will help you to make your logo designing. You need to hire a professional team who are experienced enough to handle the project.

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