3D Joystick IP PTZ Controller


  • Using the Linux operating system, stable and reliable.
  • Can manage network video decoding matrix.
  • Equipped with three-dimensional joystick.
  • Support different brands with different resolution network camera hybrid decoding.
  • Support 1 HDMI and 1 VGA output (homologous output).
  • Automatically search the IP address of the network camera, access can be up to more than 60000 the number of the IPC (see project requirements optional).
  • Network camera access across network segments, compatible with ONVIF network protocol
  • Support USB mouse to operate the system.
  • Automatic switching keyboard bindings camera ID number, you can change the keyboard corresponding IP needed to switch ID.
  • Built-in database, set the parameters for the user are stored in the database.
  • Built-in virtual computer keyboard function, use the mouse cursor to edit letters or characters.
  • OSD function, network cameras can edit the information or the name of the geographical.
  • Each split screen can switch to any network camera signal display.
  • ONVIF-compliant network can be controlled HD ball machine.
  • You can switch the screen grouping, multi-screen automatic round robin, single-screen automatic polling.

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